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What is a Hashtag Printer?

​​The Hashtag Printer is the perfect way to get your guests engaged with your brand or event hashtag on social media.
It's a great, organic way to promote a hashtag and spread the word about your company, marketing campaign, product launch, or event.

The hashtag printer monitors a chosen hashtag(s) on Instagram and Twitter. When a new post is uploaded the hashtag printer instantly formats the image with custom event branding and allows the user to print their fully branded 10x15cm print.


Hashtag Printing is a fun way to encourage attendees to take photos at your event and tag them with the proper hashtag and credentials to organically grow your Hashtag. 

Smart Printer - print photos from your phone without uploading to social networks.

While the hashtag printer is great at engaging with active social media users we are aware that not everyone is keen to share their images online and some prefer to have private account settings. For this reason we developed our Smart Printer which also offers the ability for users to print photos that they have taken using their mobile phones without having to first upload them to public social media pages.


To do this the user simply scans a QR code which connects them straight to a printer server to privately upload their image at the tap of a smartphone screen. The user can then print their fully branded 10x15cm photo.

This option is great for private corporate events where its not appropriate to be publishing unedited images online. The Smart Printer works great at gala dinners, corporate training events, congresses, team building, incentives etc.

The Smart Printer also offers a great alternative to the photobooth at weddings and other similar events.

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